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Meat processing

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Living Cattle Ritual Killing Box

Ritual Stunning box

The ritual stunning box is working for Kosher and Halal stunning for cattle, and also working for traditional stunning, the assistant equipment for cattle slaughtering solution. The material of equipment is optional of full stainless steel. It is equipped with a hydraulic system and a mechanical locking system for joint control. It works stable, low noise and convenient maintenance. The cattle is easy walk into stunning box, and the back door is closed. The cattle body is fixed by the pushing door movement from back. The box width and height can be adjusted according to cattle size. The cattle head first fixed before stunning box flapping. After flapping, manually kill with Kosher or Halal way. After bleeding, the cattle released from box. The hydraulic function is controlled by the control panel with button. The control system of cattle ritual stunning box is SIMENS, which can be operated manually or automatically. The control panel is fixed attached with stunning box or nearby area.


Suitable for Halal stunning or Kosher stunning.

The whole stunning box is controlled by hydraulic mechanical transmission, there is no pollution to cattle.

Stable operating, long working life.

Continuous working, high efficiency.

Easy operating, less spare parts consumption.

Halal stunning time is 45 seconds, there is no fixed stunning time for Kosher

PLC central control, with emergency stop.

Working with SEW motor reducer

Hydraulic working station is from 0- 16 Mpa

The full stainless steel and sandy blast

The plastic parts all PA6, acid corrosion resistance.

Full protection for oil pipeline, sleeve for electric cable and other wires.

Living Cattle Ritual Killing Box

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