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water bath stunner

The CONNECT new model water bath stunner is innviation products for poultry slaugterhouse equipment, its covers the short coming of old model.

Specification of Goods


Size:L*1100*1600 (L as clients’ need)


Voltage: single phase 220V 50Hz

Load regulation rate ≦1%

Frequency stability 0.01%

Waveform distortion rate ≦2%

Efficiency ≧85%

Protection device, overload, short circuit, over voltage, over current protection and alarm device

water bath stunner

Working principle:

1. GSDM-II series Stunner motor power supply, with microprocessor as the core, is made by MPWM method, designed with active component IGBT module, adopts digital frequency division, D/A conversion, instantaneous value feedback, sinusoidal pulse width modulation and other technologies.

2. The unit capacity can reach 400KVA, which can increase the stability of the whole machine by isolating the output of the transformer.

3. It has the characteristics of strong load adaptability, good output waveform quality, easy operation, small size and light weight.

4. It has short circuit, over current, overload and overheat protection. Features to ensure reliable operation of the power supply.

The main basic parameters:

Processing object: poultry

Operation time: 8-10 seconds


1. Conveying voltage and frequency are stable, easy to adjust and operate

2. Because of the use of alternating current, the stimulation of the bird is sufficient in the process of electric anesthesia, and the heart muscle is not sensitive to these high-frequency currents. So the equipment can only cause the chickens to faint, not die.

3. Easy to operate, the height of the water bath can be adjusted according to the different lengths of the bird

4. The frame and bracket are made of stainless steel 304 material

5. The water bath box is made of high-strength Insulation Material

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