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stack and destack system

Crates Stack and De-stack system is designed for automatic working of slaughterhouse which capacity from 8,000 to 12, 000BPH, easy load from chicken farm, unload from trucks, weighing and reception of slaughterhouse work. Save labor, focus on efficient work, realize the economic operation of slaughter house.

stack and destack system

Auto De-Stack machine including:

Item Specification of Goods
1 Rolling Crates conveyor
2 De-stacking machine
3 Chicken belt conveyor
4 Electrical controller



Auto unload crates, each time 5*9  45crates/ min

Reduce the labor, focus on the efficient work, realize the economic operation of slaughterhouse.


Crates destacking machine

Dimension: 4050*2462*3680mm

Destacking capacity: 9layers per stack, 5crates per layer, 45crates/stack, operation time each stack one min.

The crates destacking machine is including conveyor, transmission system, elevating system, clamping devce, automatic control system and Frame


The Elevating device is made of stainless steel sheet which thickness is 6mm.


Working Principle drawing  (The running to see the Video)


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