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Intelligent Electric Counter

HQ-210 Intelligent electric counter


The Intelligent electric counter is designed for poultry slaughterhouse birds counting, which is high speed and high precision. This product is precisely controlled by fully imported automotive-grade integrated chips, with stable performance, clear display, accurate technology, no data loss after power failure, long-term memory function, easy installation, easy operation, waterproof features, suitable for harsh environments

This product is precisely controlled by fully imported automotive-grade integrated chips, with stable performance, clear display, accurate technology, no data loss after power failure, long-term memory function, easy installation, easy operation, waterproof features, suitable for harsh environments. It is suitable working for poultry and animal processing line, such as chicken, duck, geese, pigs, cattle, sheep, etc.

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HQ-210J  Intelligent electric counter working principle for poultry processing line.


HQ-210J is working with double detecting sensors, which is sensor 1 scan the steel rod of shackle; and sensor 2 scan the poultry body.

  If sensor 1 and sensor 2 scan the object at same time, so it takes as one poultry, counting 1.

  If sensor 1 scan the steel shackle rod, but sensor 2 doesn’t scan poultry, it takes as empty shackle and counter doesn’t counting.

  If sensor 2 scan the poultry, but sensor 1 doesn’t scan steel shackle rod, the counter doesn’t counting.

Function and feature:

1.    Solve the problems of poultry different size , swing after hanging the poultry, small gap between each two poultry, and realize high speed and precision counting.

2.    The sensor system is water and humidity proof, it is suitable for easy condensing environment.

3.    Easy installation and operation. There is no need test, dummy device.

4.    Through beam infrared sensor, high intelligent resolution, completely effective to ensure accurate counting

5.    Twin window screen: Showing the unit counting and total counting; High brightness LED digital tube, direct view, and clear.

6.    The working environmental temperature is from -50 to 80 .

7.    Don’t losing counting number when electricity shut down, automatic saving the data before shut down, and recover the status before electricity shut down.

8.    It is optional to connect with light&voice alarm, It alarm when the number reach to the target value.

9.    The sensoring time is adjustable. The sensor signal is put by photoelectric, the sensoring time can be set from 20 ms to 9.9s.

10.  One-click reset; It can be manually pressed on the host to clear the single accumulation with one key; it can also be set to automatic cycle mode, after reaching the set value and delaying for a certain period of time, it will be automatically cleared and the next cycle will be restarted.

11.  Remote control: The rest, start, and stop of counter can be realize through wireless remote control.

12.  Code protection: The admin can set and amend code; The data resetting and total value clear should put password.

13.  Indicator:  There is indicating light to show the different working status of counter.

14.  Optional connecting with multi. Sets LED screen up to 16 sets, and stimulated show cart delivery, maximum meet client vision requirement.

15.  Wireless large screen: The counter is communicating with multi. Sets of wireless large screen and show. (Customize)

16.  485 communication interface: Open communication protocol, easy for improvement, it can connect with PC and sent data to management system or ,PLC /DCS / ERP of plant.

17.  PC control and bill printing: Multi. Counters connect to PC central supervision system, or counter equipped delivery management software,  store the vehicle number, batch no. product name, delivery time, technical statistics, manager name in PC, query, statistics, printing and report. The query and report can checked by time, batch, and month.

18.  Counting and video surveillance integrated system: The counter can connected to video surveillance system, there is no need changing sleeve of surveillance system, and shows counting data at left corner of video, and easy checking historical record.

Intelligent Electric Counter

Over   size


Working   voltage

AC   220V +/-10%

Host   machine material

Steel   shell, main board is automotive-grade high performance chips

Working   temperature

-50   - +80

Counting   range

Single   ” 0-99999; Total: 0-99999999

Display   number size

Single   4cm word height (red color)

Total   3.3cm word height (red color)

Counting   model

Count   up/down optional

Working   model

Single   birds counting, or continuous counting optional

Continuous   counting resolution

2-5   pcs

Power   supply consumption

〈15 W

Output   contact

Start-stop   output contact, normally closed; can control secondary control circuits such   as belt conveyors

Alarm   output contact, normally open; can be connected to sound and light alarm   devices such as electric bells

Output   contact volume

220   V/5  passive contact

Single   cumulative clearing method

Manual/remote   reset

Total   accumulation clearing method

Password   protection, manual reset

Password   protection function

Password   can be set and modified by yourself

Counter   host installation method

Desktop   placement, bottom fixing, back fixing, back hanging, you can choose by   yourself

Effective   distance of sensor to beam detection

Up   to 5 meters away. (Up to 15 meters for imported sensors)

sensor   interface

Counters   and sensors up to 100 meters away

Large   screen interface / computer interface

485   communication, can be connected to a computer, the communication protocol is   open, and secondary development is possible;

Transmission   distance 1000 meters


Accept   the signal from the remote control to realize the start, stop and reset of   the counter;

The   effective distance between the remote control and the counter is up to 80   meters

Networking   function

Each   counter can be set to address (1-255)

485   communication interface, with networking function

(1)   Large screen display

1   line of numbers, display: real-time quantity; 655×230×65mm

(2)   Large screen display

4   lines of content, showing: customer name, product name, target number, actual   number


Wireless   communication distance between counter and computer

500   meter

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