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RMC stunner

CONNECT RMC series stunner power core is microprocessor, with MPWM , active component IGBT module design, digital frequency conversion, D/A, instantaneous feedback, sinusoidssor , with pulse width modulation technology, the single machine capacity reach to 400KVA, to isolate the transformer output and increase the stability of the complete machine.

RMC stunner



1. Strong load adaptability

2. Output waveform is good quality

3. Simple operation, small volume, light weight, also with short circuit

4. Overcurrent, overload, overheating protection to ensure reliable power operation.



Used in conjunction with the slaughter line.

It safely and quickly stuns poultry such as chickens, ducks and geese, it is easy to slaughter, reduces blood pollution of poultry, increases bloodletting rate, avoids damage to poultry wings, and contributes to the collection of poultry blood.


Details Model:

ModelSpecification (mm) Frequency (Hz) VoltageStunning Time (Second)
HWS-2000 2000X600X1800 0-999 0-110  8
HWS-4000 4000X600X1800 0-999 0-110  8
HWS-6000 6000X600X1800 0-999 0-110  8
 LWS 2000X600X1700 0-50 0-110  8


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