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cutting saw

Manual Cutting Saw

Production description

The manual cutting saw is designed for small scale poultry processing plant, butcher,hotel… It works with high speed rotating cutting blade, and with regulating device to match different working request for different products. The operation is simple and easy cutting different parts of birds, wings, legs, chest, back bone…. The whole working process is clean, efficiency. The machine is Small area required.


Suitable for :chickenduck, goose, or other type of meat production

Max. working capacity:200-300bph

Motor power: 2.2kw


* It suitable for cutting chicken, duck, and other type of meat production.

* The machine made of stainless steel 304, food grade belt.

* Stable in operation, there is no noise.

* Water proof operating panel

* High speed cutting blade

* Motor water proof cover

* Working and fixing platform

cutting saw
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