Automatic Hatching Basket Washing Machine for large egg hatchery farm use
Automatic Hatching Basket Washing Machine for large egg hatchery farm use

Automatic Hatching Basket Washing Machine for large egg hatchery farm use

USD 20,000.00-50,000.00 / set
Minimum order quantity:
1 set
Supply Ability:
10000 set / Year
Country of Origin:
  • Applicable Industries:Manufacturing Plant
  • Applicable Industries:Food & Beverage Factory
  • Applicable Industries:Farms
  • Applicable Industries:Construction works 
  • Applicable Industries:Food & Beverage Shops
  • Usage:Chicken
  • Usage:Turkey
  • Usage:Goose
  • Usage:Duck
  • Condition:New
  • Place of Origin:CN;ZHE
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • After-sales Service Provided:Free spare parts
  • After-sales Service Provided:Field installation, commissioning and training
  • After-sales Service Provided:Field maintenance and repair service
  • After-sales Service Provided:Video technical support
  • After-sales Service Provided:Online support
  • Egg Capacity(pcs):100000
  • Brand Name:CONNECT
  • Voltage:380V 50HZ
  • Dimension(L*W*H):Customized
  • Weight:Customized
  • Certification:Customized
Product Description

Auto Hatching Basket Washing Machine is a tunnel type industrial washing machine. It mainly serves for disinfection washing of incubating equipment auxiliary items like egg tray, hatching basket, container, etc. The complete machine consists of water pressure-adding device of pump, sprinkler, plate rack drive mechanism, water tank and control system. It adopts 3-stage water recycling technique, can save huge amount of washing water, the usage rate of second used washing water is as high as 70%. While this machine wash items completely, it can save great amount of labor, suitable for middle scale, large scale hatching farms and biological pharmaceutical factory workshop.

1. Working Features

    1) Equipment consists of pre-wash, major wash and rinse parts, or can be specified by customer´s requirement.

    2) The whole equipment is made of stainless steel, adopts high quality stainless water pump, wash pressure 3∼10kg/cm2

    3) Speed of convey chain is FM control style, can meet varied washing demands.

    4) Operated by 2 workers, high water-saving efficiency, water usage is 0.5 ton/hour only.

    5) Two sides of tunnel are equipped with wide disassembly observing windows, convenient for maintenance.

    6) Adopt imported nozzles assembly, easy to be disassembled for washing, to adjust the direction of nozzles.

    7) Pre-wash and main wash parts are all equipped with filtering system, the filter basin is easy to be took out, convenient for washing.

2. Specifications

    1) Power Supply:380V/50Hz

    2)Rated power :Total rated power is 14.12Kw; Rated power of pre-wash part is 5.5kw, rated power of main wash part is 7.5kw, rated power of rinse part is 0.75kw, rated power of drive part is 0.75kw.

    3)Wash capacity: 225 pcs of 15120-type hatching basket/ hour, conveying speed is 1∼10m/min.

    4)Wash pressure:pre-wash pressure is 3kgf/cm2, Main wash pressure is 10kgf/cm2,Rinse wash pressure is 5kgf/cm2

    5)Water consumption:500L/h ,adopt 3-stage water recycling techniques.

    6)Dimension:outlook dimension 4880×1700×1600mm,tunnel dimension 800×250(dual-lines),height of exit 980mm.


4. Several typical equipments of chicks picking-up

    To meet customers different requirements for picking-up technique, R&D personnel have assembled and extended functions of units of chicks picking up, counting and packaging. Currently, our company supplies three typical equipments of chicks picking up.

1. Equipments of health, weak chicks sorting, counting and packaging

    This equipment consisted of 3 parts: healthy/weak chicks picking up platform, counting & packaging unit and eggshell processing unit, is the basic equipment of chicks picking up, counting and packaging. The procedures of chicks processing is: operators pick up healthy/weak chicks manually then those chicks move into auto counting and packaging unit through conveying belt; picked-up eggshell after smashed, through spiral convey machine, move to garbage processing room automatically. All of processing procedures of this equipment except picking up procedure which is operated manually are automatic.


Main features of this equipment are: lift work efficiency to great extent, lower labor intensity of workers; only 1 worker needed to handle basket in counting & packaging unit, its counting speed equals to 7 times of that of manual. The eggshell processing unit compresses volume of eggshell, making it easy to store and convey, also reduces contamination of fluff, make it convenient to epidemic protection; meanwhile, running period of each procedure has been saved, lift producing and managing efficiency to great extent.




2. Equipment with function units of health & weak chicks picking-up, male & female identifying and counting & packaging.

    The complete equipment consists of health & weak chicks picking-up platform, male & female identifying"return"shape work platform, male & female separated counting and packaging unit and eggshell smash & convey unit.

    Main features of this equipment are: equipped with 2 product lines for male & female chicks picking up separated; 2 sets of counting and packaging units, In addition to all advantages of solution 1, there are male & female identifying platform, suitable for requirement of male, female separated breeding of large scale and middle scale farms.


3. Equipment of male & female identifying, protection epidemic and chicks picking-up for layers or eeders

    The equipment mainly consists of dual-funnel rotary table, multi-work site rotary table male & female identifying work platform, multi- work site rotary table immune platform and conveys belt, etc; can also equip with single aisle auto counting unit and eggshell processing unit.



Company Information

CONNECT GROUP is a manufacturer specializing in poultry processing machines and equipment,supplying high quality poultry slaughtering machines and complete butchering solutions for clients involved in the poultry industry.CONNECT was founded in 1999,and has gathered 30 years of experience in the poultry processing field.All of CONNECT’s products strictly follow the standard of ISO9001:2000 international quality system.Our company has strong information resources,has signed agency agreements with many major suppliers,and also provides professional technical support ans excellent aftersales service. 







Our Services

 We give good before service and after service around the machine using life, and all the machines we sold will garanteen by our company, and we have good design, manufacturing, research and development, installation, maintenance,training departments. When clients are asking for service, we will give it as soon as possible to help client to solve all the problems. And nowadays, we establish a new department for turnkey project installation for big project, helping client to finish the project in short time, and get feedback on this project soon, as all this project takes long time on installation by local labors.


Wholesaler & Distributor


If you are dealing on coffee business and have interesting on us. if you want became ours wholesaler or distributor on your place ,we are very willing to share profits together with you. You will get

1/ VIP W/D price available

2/ New products update at first time

3/ 2 years free spare parts available

4/ quickly delivery

5/ free technical engineer door to door service.






1. how many types of chickens can it be processed?

 A: It can process broiler ,layers, quails,goose,ducks and pigeon.


2.what is the capacity of this line?

A: We supply slaughter lines from 300bph to 1200bph, and if about 100-200bph, we suggest client to take manual slaugter system(electric scalder, drum plucker), and 300-500bph, you can take our compact slaughter line.


3.can it be process different weight of birds?

A: of course , but all the birds must be in the range of shackles, if the birds weight is too much different , they will drop from shackles, and the shackle distance is different from different birds.


4.Can you design and install the project for us?

A:We have good design and installation department for help  you on this project.


5.What is the differences from Manual EV line to Automatic EV line?

A: as you know ,manual EV line is working by labors, and it can work with different weight of birds, but automatic line will only process almostly same birds.


6.What is the differences from screw chiller to air chiller?

A: screw chiller is working with cooling water, so if you want the effect is good, you need arrange water chiller  and ice flaker for cooling the normal water into cold water, its ok for the country that water is enough. Air chiller is like a cold room, which uses compressor unit and conveying line to make birds moving in the room, then the cold air meet with carcasses.


7.How is Connect Group?

A: Connect Group is a company in China, which have his own trademark, Our group totally have seven companies, which including one poultry processing equipment manufacture, two rendering equipment manufacture, one broiler equipment plant, one fridge equipment construction plant, one trading company which responsible for marketing and Import and Export, and one Industrial company, we also cooperate with Netherland poultry processing equipment supplier JM to build fully automatic poultry processing plant, which covers the shortage of fully automatic Evisceration and cut-up equipment in China market.


8: Why we select Connect Group?

A:Connect Group is with the best service for the clients.


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