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Weighing and Grading


Conncet can supply different easy way 

for grading and weighting by automatic 

belt system supply weighting belt 

machines with different ranges up to 12 

stations with sensitivity to 5 gram up and downwith capacity to 6000 BPH

 decisions to be made thus improving efficiency and minimizing easily and 

automatically be re-routed to any downstream selection point.

  As limiting the rate of selection of a 

product. Automatic band widening allows the product specification to be relaxed if the required rate is not being reached.

   user-selectable, builtin distribution algorithms.

   diagnostics while simultaneously 

minimizing disruption, ensuring that line 

sensor faults have 

   no impact on production.

- Total production with time and date 

selection criteria

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Connect Weighing and Grading system is widely used the many field such as fruit,food, meat processing, used for weighing and grading for the cut-up poultry such as drum stick,wring,feet,breast,skeleton and whole carcass, fresh ,frozen or refrigerated goods all can be processed. The grades can be freely set up, max. Have 13 grades.

Technical characteristics:
1. High-precision automatic check weighing scale, high weighing accuracy,speed and display is accurate and reliable. Low failure rate, accuracy is + /-1g (theoretical value)
2.  It is pneumatic work, fault less, reduce pollution during grading.
3.  It is fast work, the speed max. Is reach to 150pcs/Sec. , which is 9000pcs/H
4. Touch operating panel, operation is simple and convenient.
5. The material input speed can be adjusted continuously through variable transmission.
6. The whole machine is made of stainless steel 304, IP65 protection, health, and easy to clean.

Accurate grading.
Improve product integrated value-added
Improve the utilization of raw material
Labor-saving. One worker operate, which reduce the chance of human contact products, to meet food safety requirements.

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