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Water Chilling


Water chilling: 

The Connect Chiller is designed to 

reduce the temperature of poultry or 

duck,turkey,quails and all other associates birds from temperature 60 up to 5 to 

make initial cooling also make complete washing for the chicken and this lead to make the quality more efficient also the weight is a light increase by 3 to 5 % as a value with different capacities start 

from 500 BPH and reach to 12000 BPH with total time of each chicken 

about 45-60 minutes

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Water chilling: The Connect Chiller is designed to reduce the temperature of poultry or poultry parts (such as edible organs, feet, necks, etc.) by immersion chilling combined with variable agitation. This procedure enables you to control the residence time and insure a quality finished product. It also employs a reciprocating sweep agitator that makes the unit a safer piece of equipment by eliminating any potential pinch point in the agitating mechanism.This unit features all stainless steel and approved polymer construction that assures trouble free operation and easy cleaning, while promoting operational sanitation. The Connect Chiller can be supplied in a number of configurations of widths and lengths to match your production requirements.
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