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Shackle washer


The Connect Shackle Washer is designed to automatically clean  the conveyor shackles, hangers and ties without manual labor.The motor driven nylon brushes and inside water 

spraying clean all surfaces that pass 

between the brushes. Automatic chain/

trolley and shackle washer.Shackles pass through the machine while rotating 

brushes and water clean the shackle 

before starting a new cycle.before hanging or transfer.Stainless steel opposing cabinets contain the motor driven hard brushes, which clean trolleys, chain and shackles mm distance from top to bottom.

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The Connect Shackle Washer is designed to automatically clean and sanitize the conveyor shackles, hangers and ties without manual labor.The motor-driven nylon brushes and inside water spraying carefully clean all surfaces that pass between the brushes.
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