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Connect incubation equipment follows the high-quality high standards of internal management, strict implementation of the manufacturing operations and product testing, with international advanced electrical components,inspection, to ensure the stability of the overall system performance, safe without risks so that the each hatching machine achieve one hundred percentage qualified.

"Connect" shave strong emphasis on technology, focus on quality management."CONNECT" incubator have mlti-functional,automatic, incubating and hatch combined in one,automatic temperature control automatic control wet,turn eggs automatically,automatic ventilation, over-temperature, ultra-wet,low temperature,low humidity alarm, also with automatic running of reducing temperature, humidity, heating...etc., all controlled by the today's world leading microcomputer technology, so that the entire production line is high intelligence, high measurement accuracy, and can realize automatic control of temperature, humidity, over or lower temperature alarm, automatic turn eggs, incubating and hatching, also with the function of electricity,water heating. Reliable, low cost and wide applicability, high survival rate ; A variety of models of hatchery for hatching farms to choose according to the actual needs.

As a responsible China Incubator Manufacturer, we not only sell them to you, but also give you all the details about our products upon your request. Make your order now to a professional Incubator Manufacturer!

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