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Connect supply Compact Cut Up Systems are cutting solution allowing the cut product to be distributed 

throughout the processing . 

system is designed according to the plant  and cut-up needs. Systems are available in to 

meet variable product . 

 systems are simple as just dt halves and cutting leg , while other systems may 

have complex  product to different

 locations in the plant, based on weight  maintenance costs, all Compact Cut-Up Systems are equipped auto-correcting Magnetic Shackles.  


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There are three kinds of main product according to different portioning which is main product, by-product and secondary processed products. The main products including whole chicken, wing, chest and leg.

First: The whole chicken which eviscerated.
Second: Wing
1. Whole wing which cut from shoulder, cut off the plate tendon,but not cut through the articular surface and disability loin.
2.  Up wing which cut off from elbow, should to elbow segment.
3.  Small wing which cut off the elbow,from the elbow to the wing tips segment.
Third : Chest meat
The breast which gash from sternum on both sides,cutting the shoulder,hold the breast meat on the wing root and tear off it.
Fourth: Leg and drum stick
Connect portioning equipment get you a complete solution for all the parts you want. No matter manual work or automatic work.
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