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Connect supply  storage refrigerator  can be built at any size according to your 

requirement,its temperature range from -40'C to 18.It also can be put the rack  to 

improve the utilization space of room,and easy to handing,fast assemble,convenient to adjust the layer height. Forklift can go into the passage for improving the utility ratio of room.


 cold room  specification:.Refrigeration 

system: Compressor,Condenser,


Electric system: Siemens and Schneider electric components or others Selection of world f, such as Bitzer, Copeland, 

Maneurop, Turin .Insulation panel :

polyurethane insulation panel,density 

about 38~46kg/m3,with gasket,with flame retardant,panel thickness:100mm~200mm, standard width of panel is 1000mm

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Connect supply the freezing equipment,project which related to slaughterhouse. The poultry meat which get from slaughterhouse needed to put into freezer for some time keeping before delivery.
The products that Connect supply for freezers including the Ice flaker for Screw Chiller, the Freezing Tunnel and Spiral Freezer for poultry meat, even the large Blast freezer and cold Room.
All the refrigeration unit are use the best Brand, like the compressors is Bitzer Germany, the equipment are manufactured by the food qualified stainless steel 304. We supply the complete design of blast freezer, refrigerator of slaughterhouse.
The chicken after trimming and cut-up, no matter whole carcass or cut-up which is secondary processing must packaged in the room which temperature is 12~15℃. The packing material is should be moisture-proof, non-toxic cellophane, and plastic bag. The packaged products are not allowed to accumulate to storage, should put in freezer in time. The time from to finished product into the freezer is not more than 1.5 hours.
Frozen is to improve product quality, the majority is blast chillers, the lowest temperature of the freezer should be maintained at -30 ° C to -35 ℃, wind speed is 2to 4 meter/second. The relative humidity is 90%. The center muscle temperature should reduce to -15℃ within 24 hours. The freezing tunnel is another choice too. The quick freezing can maintain good color,water holding and health status of meat.
When the refrigerated frozen meat after reduce to -15℃, the small packaged products can packed in storage. The temperature should be maintained below -19℃ which changes can't exceed 2℃. The relative humidity is 90%. Products in cold room should be classified in batches stacked, FIFO, quality valid period is 12 months.
The fresh chicken carcass after slaughter should be packed in special plastic bag during delivery, and fitted with ice to keep the temperature below 5℃ which shipped with special refrigerated trucks.

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