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What poultry farm equipments do we need to build a chicken farm?


What poultry farm equipments do we need to build a chicken farm?2014-06-27

Advanced poultry farm equipments are used to creat an ideal living environment for chicken flocks, and improve the production efficiency drastically. Today I will introduce some necessary poultry farm equipments that we need to build an automated poultry farm.

automated poultry farm

1. Heating equipment

During the brooding stage, especially in the cold winter, we can use electric heating, water heating, central heating, heated brick bed and other heating methods to keep chicken farm at proper temperature. Electric heating, water heating and central heating are relatively cleaner and healthier than other methods. While we have to be careful to prevent a gas poisoning accident if we use coal stove to heat, and heated brick bed might be fuel-consuming, but it is able to keep the temperature constant. Choose the suitable heating method according to the local conditions.

2. Ventilating device

For the open type chicken farms, we can regulate ventilation mostly depends on natural ventilation by controling the windows and skylight. But if in the hot summer, natural ventilation doesn't work neither, and mechanical ventilation should be considered. For closed henhouse, we almost reply on mechanical ventilation completely, and there are two types in general: aspirate type and exhaust type. Some chicken farms use aspirating ventilation, and some others use exhausting ventilation, and you can choose between the two types to suit the occasion.

3. Automatic chicken waterer

automatic chicken waterer

From the point of saving water and preventing bacterial contamination, nipple type chicken waterer is the most ideal choice, but because of the low quality and leaking problem, there are few chicken farms choose this type at present. The hanging chicken waterer is the mostly common type in most chicken farms. It is suspended from the ceiling through the hanging loop. The top water inlet tube connect with the main water pipe, and the incoming water flow into the water dish by control valve, which is both healthy and water-saving.

4. Automatic chicken feeder

automatic chicken feeder

Hanging chicken feeder is the most common type of automatic chicken feeder, and it is the combination of the appending machine of chain feeding machine. The construction of chicken feeding trough decides if the feed can be fully applied. It will cause feed wastage if the chicken feeding trough is too shallow, and tall feeding trough can greatly reducing feed wastage.

5. Egg laying case

Feeding meat chicken and laying hen can use double-layer egg laying case. Every 4 hens shares a case. The height of the upper footboard from the ground should not exceed 60cm, and the size of each egg laying case is approximately 30cm*30cm*38cm. Both side and the back side is grid, which guarantees the ventilation inside the case. Outside the bottom board there should be a impingement baffle to prevent the eggs slipping off the ground.

6. Dung floor cleaner

dung floor cleaner

The general chicken farms clean the dung manually termly, and there are a few chicken farms use the manure scraper to clean the dung. But the steel wire rope of the manure scraper is easily broken, and the maintenance is not convenient, and it costs much. So it has not been widely used.

7. Poultry cage

Rearing chicken can use both halftone and vertical multilayer brooder, and rearing adult chicken can choose overlapped and stepped poultry cage. Poultry cage can make full use of the space and increase the feeding capacity. Besides, the good health condition can prevent epidemic effectively, it helps save much feed.

8. Lighting equipment

Currently most chicken farms use incandescent lamp as lighting equipment. Many chicken farms are equipped with timer to control the light switch automatically, to take the place of manual control switch, which guarantees the accuracy and reliability of lighting time.

9. Debeaking device

The automatic debeaking device is constructed by transformer, electrical machine, cooling fan and so on. It can finish the complete process of debeaking, hemostasis and detoxification quickly. The maximum temperature of the blade can reach as high as 1020℃ when connect the power, and a blade can process more than 20,000 chicken.