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About Us

About Us

"To CONNECT customers' needs in providing packing solution for Poultry, Meat industries"

CONNECT is the leading packing solution provider of advanced poultry processing system, rendering plant system, meat and farming industries for poultry and live stock. Our brand - CONNECT is widely used and accepted by the worldwide clients. We supply the turnkey projet to meet our customers' complete project need.All products are manufactured according to EU. Standard.and highest world quality standards

CONNECT has five major manufacturing base in China, the agent and distributors are spreading many countries of worldwide.We working together to build excellently projects with high quality equipments and supply best-after sale services to all customers.

With years of working ,experience and continous study, we more focus on the quality of our products, the technology is mostly base on European standards.Each stage of manufacturing have very stricted quality checking standard. This  thanks to our succeess partners hard working, CONNECT is growing with them. Harmonious management of our team makes CONNECT face all customers needs and reach them full satisfaction satisfied with the our different poultry project.

CONNECT GROUP is one of the major-sources which supply the packing poultry,meat solution in China. Our Poultry slaughter Processing system isone of the best quality in China, the capacity of system is from 500BPH to 12000BPH. To closed the technical gap of this field for Chinese machines, we working with some good partners from Netherlands to realized the full automatic working process. At same time, we create a new way to make our products enter the European markets. The high quality equipments help clients get high quality meat products. To meet clients different sales schedule, CONNECT supply the quality freezing tunnel, spiral freezers, blast freezer,cold room and fresh room to accomplish different storage of meat.

In nowadays, each country in the world face the same theme, which is to protect our Earth. So how to treat the waste from slaughterhouse become a most important parts for clients, this not only from clients' consciousness, but also its the mandatory requirement. CONNECT slaughterhouse waste rendering plant system help client generates more profit, which transform waste into high protein meal. The whole system is manufactured follows European Standard, no any polluted air emission.

CONNECT groupe introduce a unique houses for raising different types of chicken from broilers, breeders, layers,in a turn-keys project including building and all machines with cages with diiferent capcites reach to 50000 in house with maximum grantee time ,with also availbilty to manage all the projects

other packing solution such as Chicken ,egg handling, meat deeply processing systems help you to establish real high quality, turn key project for Farm business.

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