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I. Live birds reception area and facilities.
According to regulations, live birds reception should be at the wind down area of the processing plant. Including parking area, slaughtering-waiting area, unloading ,live birds hanging, stunning and bleeding area, crates cleaning, crate pelleting,vehicle disinfection area,waste store ,reception and urgent killing area and so on. The slaughterhouse is appropriate to single layer, net height is not less than 4.2 meter, the polar space not less than 6 meter, hanging area is the main workshop bleeding room design to be darkroom which separate with our working area.Close to one side to receiving area is to be working area, including clearing room, official quarantine room, if have halal products, should with one rest room for Iman.
II.Technology and equipment of the live poultry DistrictLive birds receiving.
1.Live poultry vehicles should have special road. There is a disinfection pool which same wide as door at the entrance for live poultry enter..The pool size is about 3 meters long and 100 to 150mm deep.
2. UnloadingThe platform built which height is same as vehicles which save much labor. Two workers unloading crates from vehicle,each time unload 8 to 9 layer of crate, each hour unloading 12000birds. Normally unloading platform should be keep some crates. According to WSPA regulations, when live birds reach slaughterhouse should be killed within 1hour,max. Not more than 2 hours, for one slaughterhouse which to slaughter 12000birds/H, the parking place should be suitable for 5 trucks, unloading area is suitable for 2 trucks, crates pelleting area is suitable for 3 trucks, and with spare crates storage room to keep spare crates.

3. Live birding hangingThere should be a darkroom after birds hanging and stunning, the orbit of overhead conveyor line should be kept level,straight ,try to reduce the turns and movements; The overhead conveyor line with synchronous control system and emergency stop system to ensure the reliable running of the processing line. The appropriate shackles are used according to different type of poultry and raising period; Try to keep poultry appease to prevent wings injury from struggling to ensure meat quality.

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