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The main purpose of poultry chilling is to suppress the development of pathogenic microorganism and spoilage microorganism. Many researches show that the two microorganisms on the surface of carcass are largely reduced after chilling process. There are two main chilling method: water chilling and air chilling. At first, people tend to adopt air chilling in the chicken plucking process, instead of immersed chilling and drum-type chilling, for the consideration of chilling speed. While the modern research data doesn't support this point, and it shows that the chilling speed may affect the flavor, quality and appearance of meat, and shock chilling will cut down the meat quality, and slow chilling will cause PSE meat.

Air Chilling and Chicken Plucking Equipment are widely used, but not all of Chicken Plucking Equipment and Poultry Processing Machinery are as competitive as ours regarding both quality and price. Visit our website and you’ll know that we are telling you the truth about Air Chilling and Poultry Processing Machinery.

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